Prayer Diary February 2012

January 29th, 2012 by
  1. Start of National Apprenticeship week
  2. Bethany Trust – working with homeless people
  3. UNICEF Day for Change
  4. World Cancer Day (World Health Organisation)
  5. Work of Marie Curie supporting those with cancer & their families
  6. Start of World Orphan Week
  7. Start of National Marriage week
  8. Those beginning their married life together
  9. Those suffering the breakdown of an unsuccessful relationship
  10. Those who provide relationship support to those with difficulties
  11. Those who have been widowed in recent times
  12. Children growing up in care
  13. Children learning to live in new forever families
  14. Valentine s Day
  15. International Childhood Cancer Day
  16. Those unable to find work at this time of financial hardship
  17. Those unable to work due to physical health problems
  18. Those unable to work due to mental health problems
  19. Those who are in prison, and their families
  20. World Day of Social Justice
  21. Shrove Tuesday
  22. World Thinking Day
  23. International Mother Language Day
  24. Those seeking asylum in our land
  25. Those separated from family by residency decisions
  26. Those learning to live in a new culture in a new country
  27. Start of Fair Trade Fortnight
  28. Those organisations working for Trade Justice
  29. 2012 is the UN International Year of Co-operatives

Thanks to those who sent suggestions. Contributions for March’s edition are most welcome.