Prayer Diary February 2012

January 29th, 2012 by
  1. Start of National Apprenticeship week
  2. Bethany Trust – working with homeless people
  3. UNICEF Day for Change
  4. World Cancer Day (World Health Organisation)
  5. Work of Marie Curie supporting those with cancer & their families
  6. Start of World Orphan Week
  7. Start of National Marriage week
  8. Those beginning their married life together
  9. Those suffering the breakdown of an unsuccessful relationship
  10. Those who provide relationship support to those with difficulties
  11. Those who have been widowed in recent times
  12. Children growing up in care
  13. Children learning to live in new forever families
  14. Valentine s Day
  15. International Childhood Cancer Day
  16. Those unable to find work at this time of financial hardship
  17. Those unable to work due to physical health problems
  18. Those unable to work due to mental health problems
  19. Those who are in prison, and their families
  20. World Day of Social Justice
  21. Shrove Tuesday
  22. World Thinking Day
  23. International Mother Language Day
  24. Those seeking asylum in our land
  25. Those separated from family by residency decisions
  26. Those learning to live in a new culture in a new country
  27. Start of Fair Trade Fortnight
  28. Those organisations working for Trade Justice
  29. 2012 is the UN International Year of Co-operatives

Thanks to those who sent suggestions. Contributions for March’s edition are most welcome.

Newsletter: December 2011/January 2012

January 6th, 2012 by

Glenorchy & Innishael and Strathfillan

Newsletter: December 2011- January 2012

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Minister’s Musing

Once again a year has rushed by with plenty happening both big and small. Thanks to all who have contributed in so many ways. Plenty is expected to go on in 2012 so we hope you will feel welcome to get involved. The main purpose of this issue of the newsletter is to publicise the times for Christmas services. It seems a good opportunity to also publicise some ways to help others at little or no cost to ourselves. So I hope you’ll be interested in the three projects on this page. The stamp appeal runs till February when a new project will begin. I pray that you and all around you may have joy & peace at Christmas and throughout the New Year. Liz Gibson

Used Stamps

Located in rural Jamaica, Mount Olivet is home for around 30 boys with an average age of 12 from urban and socially deprived areas of Jamaica.

Mount Olivet offers love and support which will enable these boys to lead meaningful and productive lives. Through the Home they have access to spiritual nurture, medical care, emotional support, vocational training and recreation. The Home has a lab with 11 computers and the boys also engage in farming and livestock rearing. Mount Olivet is self-sufficient in egg and chicken meat production. Despite these achievements and local help, it has become increasingly difficult to meet not only routine costs, but to undertake developmental work.

You can help our partner church in Jamaica to keep the boys safe, become self-sufficient in agricultural and livestock production, provide them with computer and farming skills, psychological and developmental support and in repairing buildings to required health and safety standards. Please take stamps to any of the churches or to Dalmally Surgery

New Start Oban & Start-Up Stirling

By providing some of the essential items to set up a home, these charities help individuals and families moving into a new tenancy following a period of homelessness. If you are clearing out good quality household items they would be much appreciated. Please bring to church or contact Liz Gibson to arrange collection.

Argyll Christian Aid Book Sale

Thursday 17th – Saturday 19th May St. John’s, George St, Oban

This will be a big book sale involving lots of congregations with books on all sorts of subjects plus music, events and speakers. We would love to have a contact person from every congregation to chase up book donations, highlight publicity and recruit helpers. Please speak to Liz or Martyn Gibson if you have books to give or would be willing to help in any way.


All Welcome!

Saturday 24th
December Christmas Eve
St Conan’s Kirk 06:00 PM
Bridge of Orchy Church 11.30pm
Glenorchy Church 11.30pm
Portsonachan Village Hall 11.30pm
Sunday 25th December
Christmas Day
Glenorchy Church 10:00 AM
Crianlarich Church 11.30am
01 January St Conan’s Kirk 09:00 AM
Glenorchy Church 10:00 AM
Crianlarich Church 11.30am
08 January Glenorchy Church 10:00 AM
Bridge of Orchy Church 11.30am
15 January Glenorchy Church 10:00 AM
Crianlarich Church 11.30am
22 January Glenorchy Church 10:00 AM
Bridge of Orchy Church 11.30am
29 January Glenorchy Church 10:00 AM
Bridge of Orchy Church 11.30am
Portsonachan Village Hall 06:00 PM

We record Sunday morning services. If you are unable to get to church and would like a copy to listen to at home, please let us know.

Opportunities for Christmas Worship with other denominations in the area:

  • Roman Catholic – Visitation Church, Taynuilt:

    Christmas Eve 11.30pm Carols, 12.00 Midnight Mass;
    Christmas Morning 10.30am
  • Scottish Episcopal Church: St James’ Ardbrecknish Christmas Morning 11.00am

Newsletter September 2011: Dalmally Show Edition

January 6th, 2012 by

Glenorchy & Innishael and Strathfillan

Newsletter: September 2011: Special Edition for Dalmally Show

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Favourite Hymns

The Top Ten had to be a top 16 because it was so close. I had expected a list of maybe 20 favourites and a handful of others, but such is the breadth of taste, appreciation and knowledge of our erudite congregations that 128 Hymns came up!

Here is the list of headliners, followed by votes given. All the top ones, but by no means all the choices, are in CH4 – the latest edition of the hymn book. Martyn Gibson.

Be thou my vision. 465 9
O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder. 154 9
Make me a channel of your peace. 528 6
All people that on Earth do dwell. 63 5
Morning has broken . 212 5
The King if Love my Shepherd is 462 5
I, the Lord of sea and sky. 251 5
Abide with me. 580 4
Amazing Grace. 555 4
Child in a Manger. 314 4
Immortal, Invisible. 132 4
Just as I am, without one plea. 553 4
Love divine, all loves excelling. 519 4
The day thou gave us, Lord has ended . 220 4
The Lord’s my shepherd . 15 4
What a friend we have in Jesus. 547 4

There were also 9 hymns with 3 votes each, 25 with 2 votes and a further 78 with one vote each. I hope you enjoyed this, maybe we should do a Carol Top Ten for Christmas.


– all welcome

4th September St Conan’s Kirk 9.00 Holy Communion
Glenorchy Kirk 10.00
Crianlarich Church 11.30
11th September Glenorchy Kirk 10.00
Bridge of Orchy Church 11.30
18th September Crianlarich Church 11.00 Joint Service
nb no service at Glenorchy
25th September Glenorchy Kirk 10.00 Bridge of Orchy Church 11.30
Portsonachan Village Hall 6.00

We record Sunday morning services. If you are unable to get to church and would like a copy to listen to at home, please let us know.

Glenorchy Kirk Bicentenary

The banner and the Dalmally Historical Association exhibition have drawn much interest, as have personal photos of various occasions in the church. Many thanks to all. Let’s keep thinking back and looking forward. May God bless the next 200 years.

Crianlarich Church Friday 9th September 7.30pm Entry by Donation

A great opportunity to have an enjoyable evening & support the church.

Flower Festival

The displays representing the Dalmally Show and the Church of Scotland were two amongst lots of beautiful exhibits. Many thanks to all who took part in any way. Over 350 folk came through the doors over the three days.

This wooden cross stands in Glenorchy Kirk – you are welcome to write the name of a person or place or situation for which you are praying or would like others to pray. Please pray for the names already written there.

Bridge of Orchy Church and Dalmally Church Hall have been insulated. Glenorchy Kirk is next with just some time required to do the job. Hopefully folk will notice the difference in temperature as well as a reduction in bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Newsletter: March – April 2011

January 6th, 2012 by

Glennorchy & Innishael and Strathfillan

Newsletter: March & April 2011

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Minister’s Musing

It’s been a busy beginning to the year. We’ll be marking the bicentenary of Glenorchy Kirk throughout the year. The dates are of course of historical interest but the main thing is to celebrate that the church is still alive and well and growing. It’s the people over the years who have been and are the church wherever it meets, with buildings being focal points and hopefully encouraging us to gather in worship. Elders in both parishes are hoping to visit people on their district lists. If you would like a visit from an elder or the minister please do get in touch. We are now able to record the Sunday service so if you are unable to come to church let us know if you would like a cd copy. You are part of the church wherever you are.

Liz Gibson


– all welcome!

27th February Glenorchy Kirk 10.00
Bridge of Orchy Church 11.30
Portsonachan Village Hall 18.00
6th March St Conan’s Kirk 9.00
Glenorchy Kirk 10.00
Crianlarich Church 11.30
13th March Glenorchy Kirk 10.00
Bridge of Orchy Church 11.30
20th March Glenorchy Kirk 10.00
Crianlarich Church 11.30
27th March Glenorchy Kirk 10.00
Crianlarich Church 11.30
Portsonachan Village Hall 18.00
3rd April St Conan’s Kirk 9.00
Glenorchy Kirk 10.00
Crianlarich Church 11.30
10th April Glenorchy Kirk 10.00
Bridge of Orchy Church 11.30
17th April Glenorchy Kirk – Joint Service 11.00
Maundy Thurs 21st April Glenorchy Kirk – Holy Communion 19.30
Good Friday 22nd April Crianlarich Church – The Cross 19.30
Easter 24th April Glenorchy Kirk 10.00
Bridge of Orchy 11.30
Portsonachan Village Hall 18.00

India Twinning

On Thursday 24th March in Dunbeg Church there will be some Indian nibbles and a short film of the Indian railways to show some realities of life, with discussion afterwards. A light and social introduction. Lifts available.

Alasdair MacDonald

With coverage in the Oban Times and the Sunday Post, it is now widely known that Alasdair has been providing music in church for fifty years. He was presented with a long service certificate signed by the Moderator, and we celebrated with a cake, and a small gift. Our thanks to him, and to Mary Ann, and we hope that he will continue playing for a good few years to come!

Glenorchy Kirk Bicentenary

Diary of Events 2011(confirmed so far)

  • Saturday 26th March 1811 Dinner at Glenorchy Lodge (ticketed)
  • Sunday 27th March 1811 Buffet at Glenorchy Lodge
  • April – December Exhibition of memorabilia
  • Friday 24th June Music Recital
  • Sunday 10th July Ohio Youth Choir at Glenorchy morning worship & with Taynuilt Gaelic Choir at St Conan’s in the evening.
  • Friday 22nd July Evening Service of Celebration with guest preacher Very Rev David Arnott, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland; including Dedication of Banner; followed by Reception
  • 19th – 21st August Flower Festival
  • 3rd September Tent at Dalmally Show

Knit & Natter

The Craft Class in Crianlarich has been going for years – it may sound more formal than knit and natter but that’s mostly what goes on every second Monday afternoon.

There are now two groups meeting in Dalmally, on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons every week. Some embroider or do cross stitch, some do felting or make paper pots for seedlings. Some are experienced and some are trying out new skills. Many are taking part in making a banner to hang in Glenorchy Kirk. Thinking back, looking forward, with the church in the centre surrounded by panels representing many aspects of the community in this part of the world. As it begins to take shape it’s exciting to see the creative process develop and the different mediums chosen for the panels. Each panel is a 12 inch square and there are still one or two needing people to take them on. You don’t have to come to any groups – if you’d like to work on one in the comfort of your home that’s just fine. You choose whether to embroider, appliqué, knit, or whatever. Contact Andrea 01838 200244 for more information.


“Christianity has been expressed in countless ways over the centuries. The 21st century is no different. DreamThinkBeDo is not about ‘what’ to believe. It’s not about projecting someone else’s ‘truth’. It’s a springboard for conversation about what’s next for those who follow Jesus.”

There are four blocks of five sessions. You are welcome to come to one block and
decide whether you want to continue with the following ones.

Volume 1: DREAM

  1. Faith as Journey
  2. Stories of Creation
  3. Reconciliation
  4. Jesus
  5. Risk

Dalmally Church Hall Tuesdays 15th, 22nd, 29th March, 5th, 12th April

A good way to spend Tuesday evenings in Lent!

A Church Near You

a place to be encouraged
a place to share
a place to question
a place for doubt
a place to get away
a place to come home
a place to cry
a place to be comforted
a place to learn from all ages
a place to be

a place for prayer
a place to celebrate
a place to remember
a place for peace
a place for family
a place for friends
a place for hope
a place for today
a place for tomorrow
a place to grow
a place to meet God

Anon on


Shop Online and Raise Money!

An easy way to help raise money for either Strathfillan or Glenorchy & Innishael. If you already shop online with retailers such as Amazon, M&S, Argos, Vodafone, or eBay, then by signing up you can raise money while you shop! Even renewing insurance can raise money.

How does it work? You shop directly with the retailer as normal, but if you sign up and use the links on this site to take you to the retailer, then a percentage of whatever you spend comes directly to us at no extra cost to you or the parish.

How much can you raise? Spend £100 with Amazon and you raise £2.50 for us. £100 with WH Smith puts £2.00 in our pocket and so on.  Over 2,000 retailers, and some donations can be as much as 15% of your purchase.
 Save money too! easyfundraising is FREE to use plus you’ll get access to hundreds of exclusive discounts and voucher codes, so as well as helping the parish, you could save money yourself.

Registering as a user is a very straightforward process. Thanks to those already registered we’ve raised over £50 in a few weeks. Pretty encouraging!

Annual Stated Meetings

Sunday 20th March in Glenorchy Kirk and Crianlarich Church after morning worship. Short meetings to make the accounts available and receive reports on the previous year’s work. Complying with charity regulations but also an opportunity to ask questions, and show interest in all that is happening in the parishes.

Crafty Kids

An after school Christmas craft workshop for P5-7 went down well. We hope to run similar ones in future. Thanks to Julie, Andrea, Jane, Pam & Liz, as well as to the school for their support.

Cafe Sci

Wednesday 16th March 7.30pm, Tyndrum Village Hall

Hydraulic applications: a simple step between a slide rule and the first law of thermodynamics

Nicholas Taylor will explain how energy, which cannot be created or destroyed, can be converted through hydraulic flow and pressure to power machines. Hydraulics, the application of a force to a confined liquid, has enabled engineers to harness hydraulic power in a multitude of machines for human benefit in everyday life.


  • Molly Matheson on 16th November at Glenorchy Kirk
  • Valerie O’Brien on 10th December at Glenorchy Kirk
  • Chrissie MacLennan on 22nd December at Crianlarich Church
  • Mary MacMillan on 1st February at St Conan’s Kirk


Jodie Carey & Paul Gillespie, St Conan’s Kirk, 18th December


Izabella Mae Whyte, daughter of Tracey & Hector, Glenorchy Kirk, 2nd January

Prayer Diary January 2012

January 1st, 2012 by

Some suggestions to include in your prayers this month:

  1. Begins the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All
  2. Pupils preparing for Prelim examinations this month
  3. Those who are homeless this winter
  4. Give thanks for the celebration and break from work
  5. Those for whom Christmas has been difficult
  6. Epiphany
  7. Those representing our interests in the House of Commons
  8. Reflect on how the gift of your time could benefit others
  9. Staff & pupils returning to school after Christmas break
  10. The work of Shelter with the homeless
  11. Give thanks for the society & support of our church family
  12. The work of those providing home care & home help services
  13. Those who work in dark & cold to repair power & telephone lines
  14. Those representing our interests in the Scottish Parliament
  15. Reflect on how your skills and talents could be used to help others
  16. Children away from home at school during week or term
  17. Work of Lodging House Mission in Glasgow’s East End
  18. Begins the week of Prayer for Christian Unity
  19. Give thanks for the beauty of the area surrounding us
  20. Those who work long days keeping transport links moving
  21. Those representing our interests in the European parliament
  22. Consider how any money you are able to give could be used to help others
  23. The work of H2O in Oban High School and the hostels
  24. The work of Centrepoint with young, homeless people
  25. Unity between Christian denominations & congregations
  26. Give thanks for friends and neighbours we can turn to in need
  27. Holocaust Victims Commemoration Day
  28. Those representing our interests in local government
  29. World Leprosy Day
  30. Those children unable to access basic education
  31. The work of Blythswood Care
  32. to those who sent suggestions.
  33. for February’s edition are most welcome.