Newsletter March 2010

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Glenorchy and Innishael with Strathfillan

Newsletter for March 2010

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Minister’s Musing

It has now been several months since a newsletter came out. There’s been a lot happening.  I already knew life was full of contrasts but our trip to India really drummed it in.  It would be easy to decide that it’s impossible to change much but I happened to pick up a book which included stories about the abolition of slavery and the end of children going up chimneys. Adults and children still live and work in terrible conditions all over the world but things can change if there is the will to make it happen.  We visited a couple of Mary’s Meals projects and it was so good to meet local people and see the difference slowly beginning. Before that I was at a world summit of house churches where there were many stories of people sharing their faith and encouraging others to believe in and work for the kingdom of God. Back home there’s plenty going on. Harvest & Christmas saw creativity in worship (see photos below) and now we’re looking through Lent towards Easter. Money has been raised to help Haiti.  We have a new website for the parishes. Many individuals continue to look after the churches, whether cleaning, painting, arranging flowers, fixing problems, opening & locking up, publicity, counting money, preparation on Sunday mornings, serving tea, and lots more.  For all you do, thanks. If you want to join in, or do more, please say – there’s always something!  A key message of the gospel is that trusting in God we can make a difference.
Liz Gibson

Worship–all welcome

28 February Glenorchy Kirk, Dalmally
Bridge of Orchy Church
Portsonachan Village Hall 6.00pm
5 March Glenorchy Kirk, Dalmally 6.30pm World Day of Prayer
7 March St Conan’s Kirk, Lochawe
Glenorchy Kirk, Dalmally
Crianlarich Church
14 March Glenorchy Kirk, Dalmally
Bridge of Orchy Church
21 March Glenorchy Kirk, Dalmally
Crianlarich Church
28 March Glenorchy Kirk, Dalmally
Bridge of Orchy Church
Portsonachan at St James, Ardbrecknish
1 April Bridge of Orchy Church 7pm Communion
2 April St Conan’s Kirk, Lochawe 7pm Good Friday
4 April – Easter Glenorchy Kirk
Crianlarich Church

Strathfillan Buildings

A lot of maintenance went on in Bridge of Orchy and Crianlarich over last summer and I would particularly like to thank the many volunteers who have helped. Jim Mailer spent a whole day on Crianlarich church roof and Craig Murray for replacing the outside lights at Crianlarich and helping track down leaks and blocked down pipes to say nothing of lots of brush cutting.   In Bridge of Orchy Kenny McLennan has always been on hand with practical help. Hopefully everyone has seen the fresh paint on the outside of Bridge of Orchy and the new church signs at both churches. This was only achieved with special donations and fund raising for which lots of thanks to all involved. In November we cleared the moss from the Crianlarich pathway, and with help from several children from the school planted our organic fruit trees. AliEnergy continue to help with ideas about how to provide background heating in the churches and Jim Ronald has advised us on insulation. These are longer term projects to get the damp out of the buildings and make them more comfortable! In the meantime there will be more painting and decorating, and I have not forgotten about the leaflet holders! All this support makes the maintenance man’s job so much easier so it is greatly appreciated.
John (Jayk) Kerr.

Session Clerks

Introducing two people in new roles, & thanking two others as they hand over the reins:

  • Mary Anderson is now Session Clerk for Strathfillan.
  • John MacPherson gears himself up for a move to Aviemore but we’ll continue to have his company and energy for a wee while yet.
  • Ann McNicol is now Session Clerk for Glenorchy & Innishael.
  • Jean Steer looks forward to being at meetings without having to take notes, as well as having more time for other activities.

Café Sci

Tyndrum Village Hall
THURSDAY 11th March 2010
Opening and closing a can of worms
Vaughan Southgate BSc (Aberystwyth), PhD (Cambridge) will help us understand the parasitic worms that cause schistosomiasis (Bilharzia), a nasty tropical disease suffered by about 120 million people.  Prince William was successfully treated. How did he become infected?  Can we stop transmission? Why do we need to study freshwater snails?  Will drug-resistant worms appear? Why is water management so important?  What might be the impact of climate change?

Saint Andrew Press

New website. Products from books to ties and Stationery to CDs. When you buy on the website, register and select your congregation from the drop down menu at the bottom of the form. From now on, 20% of everything you spend will go automatically to your

A Prayer from the ACTS website

(Action of Churches Together in Scotland)

Holy Spirit of Freedom
as the poor long 
for abundance shared
and injustice ended, 
and the Church longs for unity;
Challenge us to see these two visions
as vital threads in a single tapestry;
Sharpen our wit and imagination
to weave the two together
in the footsteps of Jesus 
for the life of the world
to the glory of God!

Carolyn Smyth

Youth ministry

Rev Paul Beautyman is the first Argyll Presbytery Youth Adviser.  He has chosen our parishes for one of his pilot projects which means he will be supporting us in what we do, and might do, with young people. An initial meeting was held recently with encouraging participation. Look out for more information or come up with your own ideas and have a word with Liz.

Royal Highland Show

Ingliston, Edinburgh 24-27 June 2010

The Rural Churches’ Stand is looking for volunteers from the rural churches (from all denominations) especially those who enjoy engaging in conversation, meeting strangers and who would be happy to spend one day assisting with the running of the Stand. If you would like to be part of this exciting event please be in touch with Sheila Reeves, Church of Scotland  0131 225 5722 or email sreeves{@}


2011 or 2012
Photos are requested for possible inclusion in a professionally produced calendar.  We are looking for views of, or from, anywhere in the boundaries of our two parishes.  Possibly including people at work or play.  Whether you have one or two good digital snaps, or a whole portfolio to choose from, please let us have a look. Other churches in scenic areas have raised both profile and funds by such a venture but we need to check out all the details. Please speak to Malcolm Bruce at Dalmally Pharmacy, or to Liz, if you are interested.

Martin & Jane Goodwin, Dalmally, took this photo in Samburu, Kenya, commenting it was very peaceful with low property maintenance.


Debbie McKnight & Andrew McKnight at St Conan’s 5th September
Nita-Jean Milligan & Iain Ferguson at St Conan’s 12th September
Nicola Horrocks & David Hitchen at St Conan’s 3rd October
Sandie Russell & Richard Duffy at St Conan’s 10th October
Marina Macleod & Malcolm McLarty at Crianlarich Church 28th November
Brenda Hanham & Alan Clifford at Bridge of Orchy Church 22nd January


Donnie MacLeod Interment at Glenorchy Kirk 29th May
May MacMaikin at Crianlarich Church 1st July
Bobby Wilson at Glenorchy Kirk 12th September
Charlie Farquarson Memorial at St James Ardbrecknish 26th September
David Rae at Greenock Crematorium & Glenorchy Kirk 28th & 29th October
Ian Morrison (Heiker) at Glenorchy Kirk 4th November
Annie Cameron at Crianlarich Church 20th November